[llvm-commits] inital AVX instructions support!

Bruno Cardoso Lopes bruno.cardoso at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 15:56:33 PDT 2010

> a) Might be nice if you could split out the 64-bit-izing of TSFlags?

Not sure the best way to do that yet, but I'll keep thinking on it

> b) From the REX prefix I see R, B and W - what about X?

Since we don't handle REX.X, VEX.X is not handled too, until at least
there's need to do so. I should put that in the comments.

> c) you mention 0b01 for 0x66, but I don't see it in the prefix?  Handled somewhere else I imagine?

On regular x86, the 66h is handled when it's used for extending the
operand size. It can also be
used as a mandatory opcode prefix for SSE instruction, but the actual
code there does not have
a case for this, so I went for the same approach above. One more
comment for that then.

> d) can you make the FIXME for register handling a bit more descriptive of what needs to happen?

Sure :)

> e) furute->future :)


Thanks for reviewing,

Bruno Cardoso Lopes

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