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Author: djg
Date: Tue Mar  9 19:29:39 2010
New Revision: 98119

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=98119&view=rev
Clarify the documentation for MachineFunctionPasses.


Modified: llvm/trunk/docs/WritingAnLLVMPass.html
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+++ llvm/trunk/docs/WritingAnLLVMPass.html Tue Mar  9 19:29:39 2010
@@ -909,16 +909,22 @@
 <p>A <tt>MachineFunctionPass</tt> is a part of the LLVM code generator that
 executes on the machine-dependent representation of each LLVM function in the
-program.  A <tt>MachineFunctionPass</tt> is also a <tt>FunctionPass</tt>, so all
+<p>Code generator passes are registered and initialized specially by
+<tt>TargetMachine::addPassesToEmitFile</tt> and similar routines, so they
+cannot generally be run from the <tt>opt</tt> or <tt>bugpoint</tt>
+<p>A <tt>MachineFunctionPass</tt> is also a <tt>FunctionPass</tt>, so all
 the restrictions that apply to a <tt>FunctionPass</tt> also apply to it.
 <tt>MachineFunctionPass</tt>es also have additional restrictions. In particular,
 <tt>MachineFunctionPass</tt>es are not allowed to do any of the following:</p>
-<li>Modify any LLVM Instructions, BasicBlocks or Functions.</li>
+<li>Modify or create any LLVM IR Instructions, BasicBlocks, Arguments,
+    Functions, GlobalVariables, GlobalAliases, or Modules.</li>
 <li>Modify a MachineFunction other than the one currently being processed.</li>
-<li>Add or remove MachineFunctions from the current Module.</li>
-<li>Add or remove global variables from the current Module.</li>
 <li>Maintain state across invocations of <a
 href="#runOnMachineFunction"><tt>runOnMachineFunction</tt></a> (including global

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