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Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at stdin.nl
Thu Jun 12 07:11:46 PDT 2008

Hi Tanya,

> For any tests that are failing, can you XFAIL them and then file a  
> bug report?
I was going to do that, but the bugtracker seems broken currently. Since I'd
like to include the PR numbers with the XFAILs in the test cases, I'm going to
hold on with the XFAILs as well.

I think we can file three bugreports for the remaining six failing tests.

One for cbe generating types for i128 that gcc does not support (Something
with mode(TI) that does not work?). Adding a target datalayout to the file
seems to fix things, but I don't know which layout should be used exactly (I
used one from the testsuite:
	target datalayout = "e-p:32:32:32-i1:8:8-i8:8:8-i16:16:16-i32:32:32-i64:32:64-f32:32:32-f64:32:64-v64:64:64-v128:128:128-a0:0:64-f80:32:32"
	target triple = "i386-pc-linux-gnu"

Another test is failing because it can't find some symbol in gdb. I can't see
why that symbol (NoCompileUnit::pubname) should exist, perhaps we should just
remove this test?

There are still four tests that generate gcc warnings, I guess those can be in
a single PR.

More when the bugtracker comes back online.


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