[llvm-bugs] Issue 30473 in oss-fuzz: llvm:clang-fuzzer: Stack-overflow in clang::Sema::CorrectTypoDelayed

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Mon Feb 8 07:58:06 PST 2021

	Labels: ClusterFuzz-Verified
	Status: Verified

Comment #1 on issue 30473 by ClusterFuzz-External: llvm:clang-fuzzer: Stack-overflow in clang::Sema::CorrectTypoDelayed

ClusterFuzz testcase 5849853257187328 is verified as fixed in https://oss-fuzz.com/revisions?job=libfuzzer_asan_llvm&range=202102070603:202102080628

If this is incorrect, please file a bug on https://github.com/google/oss-fuzz/issues/new

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