[llvm-bugs] [Bug 46867] compile-time crash when using target enter data to map a constexpr array

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Thu Aug 12 18:19:29 PDT 2021


Ye Luo <xw111luoye at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Ye Luo <xw111luoye at gmail.com> ---
I just tried
#include <cstdio>
#define LENGTH 2
int main()
  constexpr double h_chebyshev_coefs[LENGTH] = { 0, 2.1 };
#pragma omp target enter data map(to:h_chebyshev_coefs[0:LENGTH])
  #pragma omp target
    printf("print in target %lf %lf\n", h_chebyshev_coefs[0],
  return 0;
$ clang++ -v
clang version 14.0.0 (https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project.git
$ clang++ -fopenmp -fopenmp-targets=nvptx64-nvidia-cuda constexpr.cpp &&
print in target 0.000000 2.100000

It seems good now.

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