[llvm-bugs] Issue 12024 in oss-fuzz: llvm/llvm-dwarfdump-fuzzer: ASSERT: !KeyInfoT::isEqual(Val, EmptyKey) && !KeyInfoT::isEqual(Val, TombstoneKey) && "E

ClusterFuzz-External via monorail via llvm-bugs llvm-bugs at lists.llvm.org
Tue Sep 24 09:02:30 PDT 2019

Comment #6 on issue 12024 by ClusterFuzz-External:  
llvm/llvm-dwarfdump-fuzzer: ASSERT: !KeyInfoT::isEqual(Val, EmptyKey)  
&& !KeyInfoT::isEqual(Val, TombstoneKey) && "E

ClusterFuzz found another reproducible variant for this bug on  
libfuzzer_msan_llvm job: https://oss-fuzz.com/testcase?key=5745110771302400.

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