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Zhihao Yuan <lichray at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Zhihao Yuan <lichray at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Richard Smith from comment #5)
> I think what's going on here is:
>  * When initializing the array, Clang and GCC think the conversion from the
> list element to the array element type happens "inside" the braces
>  * When initializing the class with the constructor, Clang (but not GCC)
> thinks the conversion from the list element to the parameter type happens
> "outside" the braces
> Unfortunately, I think that the second point is a bug. Consider a case such
> as this:
>   template<int N> struct X {
>     constexpr operator int() { return N; };
>   };
>   using V = __best_match_t<X<123>, short>;
> Here, in order to tell whether the list-initialization is valid, we may need
> to evaluate the call to X<123>::operator int(), so we should instantiate it.


> So I think your workaround just "happens to work". (And it doesn't work for
> GCC, which only accepts the above case [...]

Yes, the intention is to reject V.

So the conclusion in my mind is that this constructor

  template <class U>
  MyPtr(MyPtr<U> v) : ptr_(v.ptr_) {}

is just not sfinae-friendly.

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