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Martynas Skirmantas <zegzmanzoro at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Martynas Skirmantas <zegzmanzoro at gmail.com> ---
Hold up, I have reopened the bug report, I did way more digging and I found
many people stating that Clang support 64bit inline assembly and some people
are using it by looking at stackoverflow questions, here is old post:

It states that chrome is using Clang-CL and they use 64 bit and 32 bit inline
assembly to build a library. What is going on here? it just doesn't add up,
there are many people that claim this if you google enough your self, surely a
llvm blogging site wouldn't lie about such a thing.

This is what it says: "Clang supports 64-bit inline assembly. For example, in
Chrome we built libyuv (a video format conversion library) with Clang long
before we built all of Chrome with it. libyuv had highly-tuned 64-bit inline
assembly with performance not reachable with intrinsics, and we could just use
that code on Windows." 

There are many uses for a inline assembler as statement by the blog, this bug
should be fixed, which has been as confirmed by "Eric Astor" using godbolt
compiler explorer. I would like to hear a official statement that this bug
can't be fixed or 64bit inline assembly is NOT supported by Clang.

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