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Added release notes for MIPS.


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@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ Non-comprehensive list of changes in thi
 * All inline assembly is parsed by the integrated assembler when it is enabled.
   Previously this was only the case for object-file output. It is now the case
   for assembly output as well. The integrated assembler can be disabled with
-  the ``-no-integrated-as`` option,
+  the ``-no-integrated-as`` option.
 * llvm-ar now handles IR files like regular object files. In particular, a
   regular symbol table is created for symbols defined in IR files, including
@@ -115,6 +115,74 @@ debug/profiling), or both. To avoid run-
 also emit EH tables (in case they interoperate with C++ code), as is the
 case for other architectures (ex. x86_64).
+Changes to the MIPS Target
+There has been a large amount of improvements to the MIPS target which can be
+broken down into subtarget, ABI, and Integrated Assembler changes.
+Added support for Release 6 of the MIPS32 and MIPS64 architecture (MIPS32r6
+and MIPS64r6). Release 6 makes a number of significant changes to the MIPS32
+and MIPS64 architectures. For example, FPU registers are always 64-bits wide,
+FPU NaN values conform to IEEE 754 (2008), and the unaligned memory instructions
+(such as lwl and lwr) have been replaced with a requirement for ordinary memory
+operations to support unaligned operations. Full details of MIPS32 and MIPS64
+Release 6 can be found on the `MIPS64 Architecture page at Imagination
+Technologies <http://www.imgtec.com/mips/architectures/mips64.asp>`_.
+This release also adds experimental support for MIPS-IV, cnMIPS, and Cavium
+Octeon CPU's.
+Support for the MIPS SIMD Architecture (MSA) has been improved to support MSA
+on MIPS64.
+Support for IEEE 754 (2008) NaN values has been added.
+ABI and ABI extensions
+There has also been considerable ABI work since the 3.4 release. This release
+adds support for the N32 ABI, the O32-FPXX ABI Extension, the O32-FP64 ABI
+Extension, and the O32-FP64A ABI Extension.
+The N32 ABI is an existing ABI that has now been implemented in LLVM. It is a
+64-bit ABI that is similar to N64 but retains 32-bit pointers. N64 remains the
+default 64-bit ABI in LLVM. This differs from GCC where N32 is the default
+64-bit ABI.
+The O32-FPXX ABI Extension is 100% compatible with the O32-ABI and the O32-FP64
+ABI Extension and may be linked with either but may not be linked with both of
+these simultaneously. It extends the O32 ABI to allow the same code to execute
+without modification on processors with 32-bit FPU registers as well as 64-bit
+FPU registers. The O32-FPXX ABI Extension is enabled by default for the O32 ABI
+on mips*-img-linux-gnu and mips*-mti-linux-gnu triples and is selected with
+-mfpxx. It is expected that future releases of LLVM will enable the FPXX
+Extension for O32 on all triples.
+The O32-FP64 ABI Extension is an extension to the O32 ABI to fully exploit FPU's
+with 64-bit registers and is enabled with -mfp64. This replaces an undocumented
+and unsupported O32 extension which was previously enabled with -mfp64. It is
+100% compatible with the O32-FPXX ABI Extension.
+The O32-FP64A ABI Extension is a restricted form of the O32-FP64 ABI Extension
+which allows interlinking with unmodified binaries that use the base O32 ABI.
+Integrated Assembler
+The MIPS Integrated Assembler has undergone a substantial overhaul including a
+rewrite of the assembly parser. It's not ready for general use in this release
+but adventurous users may wish to enable it using ``-fintegrated-as``.
+In this release, the integrated assembler supports the majority of MIPS-I,
+MIPS64r2, and MIPS64r6 as well as some of the Application Specific Extensions
+such as MSA. It also supports several of the MIPS specific assembler directives
+such as ``.set``, ``.module``, ``.cpload``, etc.
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