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Sat May 29 02:12:29 PDT 2021


I've recently been working on and with my Rust bindings to the public LLDB
API after a break of a couple of years.

A couple of things that I'm noticing or re-noticing:

We need more SB API coverage of logging functionality. We can't list
channels, categories via the SB API. We also don't have a call for
disabling log output once it has been enabled. These seem fairly
straightforward to add.

While the underlying platform objects support finding processes, this isn't
exposed to the SB API, so there's no way to get a nice list of the running
processes using only the SB API. Has anyone looked at this or thought about
the API?

It would be helpful in some cases, especially with the above, to extend
SBProcessInfo to include arguments / argv, environment, and architecture.
These are already present in the underlying data, just not exposed via

Any thoughts or objections on the above? Would patches be welcome?

Are there others using the SB API a lot that might be willing to discuss
this sort of stuff more?

 - Bruce
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