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> Hello everyone,
> To implement a remote disk file completion like CommandCompletions:DiskFilesOrDirectories for commands like "platform get-size”, I was trying to find out how local disk files are resolved. It seems the resolving mechanism is based on the llvm::sys module with which the implementation of CommandCompletions:DiskFilesOrDirectories is indirectly coupled.
> As I went through the DoExecute function of platform commands, it seems the remote context can be accessed by the Platform pointer returned from CommandObject::GetDebugger().GetPlatformList().GetSelectedPlatform(). So maybe we could refactor CommandCompletions:DiskFilesOrDirectories into Platform:: DiskFilesOrDirectories to make it available for remote resolving?
> But I don’t know if the idea above is right or feasible. Or maybe there could be other better solutions.
> Does anyone have ideas?

That can be tricky, but it can be made to work. The main issue we have to worry about is sometimes file completion will want to be local, and sometimes we will want to use the platform. For example the "target create" command probably wants to use local paths, and other commands might want the platform. It would be interesting to see all of the places this completion is used and see if we can easily classify them into local or platform, or some might want both?

It would be easy to move the llvm::sys file system calls into the host platform code if we were to make this happen.


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