[lldb-dev] How/where to add test cases in LLDB.

Sourabh Singh Tomar via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jan 10 12:24:29 PST 2020

Hello Everyone,

I've wrote a patch for extending support for new forms[DWARFv5] in macro
section. Planning to file a review soon.

But I'm stuck with writing test case for this. My feature works well when
using LLDB in interactively, but I need to write a test case to accompany
my patch.

To put things in perspective:
here' s how I tested it interactively:

$lldb a.out
$display MACRO1  -- macro defined in source/a.out
$ b main
$ run
LLDB output
- Hook 1 (expr -- MACRO1)
(int) $0 = 4
Process 18381 stopped
* thread #1, name = 'a.out', stop reason = breakpoint 1.1

Need to write/add test case for this so that it will be run by "make
check-lldb", any ideas/pointers how to proceed forward from here.

Thanks in anticipation!
Sourabh Singh Tomar
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