[lldb-dev] How to debug a child process ?

Peter Rowat via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Sep 30 17:05:22 PDT 2019

I have a process P1 that forks a child process P2. Both have graphic displays, P2 is an animation depending on data from P1.
P2 suddenly disappears at a time that is never the same as any previous run.

I use lldb to run P1 and when P2 disappears P1 hangs, and lldb prints a message like
"2019-09-30 16:19:18.648148-0700 animTS[54508:1706244] detected buffer overflow”.

animTS is my process P2,  54508 is the P2 process number.  What is the number 1706244 ? It isn’t an address.

How can I run lldb on the P2 process ?

Thanks for any help.

— Peter R

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