[lldb-dev] error: process launch failed: Lost debug server connection

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FYI - the color you picked for this makes it unreadable against a white background. I had to convert it to plain text to read it.


The error message “Lost debug server connection” occurs if the platform isn’t connected and it is not a host platform.


What do you get if you type “platform status” after “file Test”?


Is the remote-built executable available on your Mac? lldb will need it to be able to get symbols and debug info.





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I have started lldb-server on remote linux in the directory where my executable need to be debugged reside.

>From my Mac I started lldb, 

(lldb) platform select remote-linux

  Platform: remote-linux

 Connected: no

(lldb) platform connect connect://pi.local:9091

  Platform: remote-linux

OS Version: 4.9.78 (4.9.78-v7+)

    Kernel: #1084 SMP Thu Jan 25 18:05:49 GMT 2018

  Hostname: pi

 Connected: yes

WorkingDir: /Users/necktwi/Workspace/RemoteDebugTest/build

(lldb) file Test

Current executable set to ’Test' (arm).

(lldb) run

error: process launch failed: Lost debug server connection


Why the process launch failing? The executable `Test` takes parameters `-s normal`. How to feed them in? Did the process failed because of not feeding its arguments?


https://lldb.llvm.org/remote.html <https://u7535577.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=S8VPHvg5-2FzxqlLfWXPq42joHRevhhtk-2F7AY-2BEiccsimjZUugcpCB66JpJVXGiuJP_WMme76WnOQDuJvvro7-2FTNuvmvuA2PaJWS0FeALMc2HfRwekG2ZIQ8RWNZqpS5pNm3zr3KpG64KxYaYNpxNAsXcvN18I9mAz-2FHNm4s7diR-2FuSy6IXrEgk-2BY2n97MBEYS5iwkBIuCbKexARr-2B0xFagIjBzqGTtpVhCvyjyYqWd1dIOy7kIeyDUoBgnqzW9aw6Hw5oCr97h2unnh6TX8YfTyLjS8Z7i0RQXWDc49b1pNb0-3D>  explains how to debug a cross-built local executable on remote platform. But I am trying to debug the executable which was built on the remote.


Thank you.


… neckTwi

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