[lldb-dev] A bit of extra-polish for my lldb plugin

Nat! via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed May 31 07:04:45 PDT 2017

Pavel Labath schrieb:
> I think the cleanest solution would be to actually modify the compiler
> to emit "correct" dwarf (as in, dwarf representing the code as it
> actually looks like to user, and not some internal intermediate
> representation). The dwarf expression in DW_AT_location can easily
> handle the lookup of some field in a struct. Of course, this is
> assuming you are actually able to modify the compiler.
> (disclaimer: I know next to nothing, when it comes to objc)

That would probably be ideal. I have to see if I can do this. But my
metaABI is somewhat "hacked" into clang. So I am not saying it wouldn't
work, but I suspect it won't, as I am relying on existing clang code.


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