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On Sun, May 1, 2016 at 2:21 PM, Kamil Rytarowski via lldb-dev <
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> It has been noted that LLDB installs its own copy of six.py
> (third_party/Python/module/six/six.py) that conflicts with a standalone
> one lang/py-six (path in pkgsrc).
> Could we reuse an external version shipped with a system? Alternatively
> are there plans to migrate to Python 3 and remove need for it?
> How to address this conflict cleanly?

LLDB should continue to ship its own copy of six.py. It's a single 900 line
source file. Avoiding this duplication is not worth the headache of asking
users to install dependencies. I can't imagine a world where checking in
your own copy *wasn't* the intended distribution model for six.py.

I'm sure LLDB would take patches to mitigate the namespace conflict. For
example, LLDB could do something like "from lldbutils import six" instead
of "import six", or we could avoid putting it on sys.path if we notice a
system installation of six.
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