[lldb-dev] Is anyone using lldb on Windows to debug a _Windows_ application

Paul Osmialowski pawelo at king.net.pl
Sat Jun 14 07:49:33 PDT 2014

Hi Eran,

I got the same when I try to debug a _Linux_ application on Linux running on 
non-PC CPU. Seems like only 'MacOSX and Linux' on 'i686 and x86_64' are 
properly supported. Problem was already described in the message here: 

I'd love to try and extend lldb support to Linux on AArch64, although 
cross-compilation comes with its own struggles that I need to deal with 

I guess woriking out this kind of support for Windows on PC should not be 

On Sat, 14 Jun 2014, Eran Ifrah wrote:

>  Hi,
>  I tried both building lldb with MSVC and with MinGW both failed to debug
>  native Windows executables (I actually tried 3 types of executables, 1
>  built with MinGW, 1 with clang 3.4 and 1 with Visual Studio)
>  This is the error I am getting:
>  $ lldb D:/src/TestArea/ClangVC/Debug/ClangVC.exe
>  error: 'D:/src/TestArea/ClangVC/Debug/ClangVC.exe' doesn't contain any
>  'host' platform architectures:
>  (lldb)
>  So the question is:
>  ?Is it possible to use lldb on Windows (for local debugging not remote
>  debugging)
>  --
>  Eran Ifrah
>  Author of codelite, a cross platform open source C/C++ IDE:
>  http://www.codelite.org
>  wxCrafter, a wxWidgets RAD: http://wxcrafter.codelite.org

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