[lldb-dev] lldb GUI interface

Abid, Hafiz Hafiz_Abid at mentor.com
Mon Nov 4 06:12:13 PST 2013

> Is there anything equivalent with lldb?
LLDB provides a C++ API that you can use. Have a look in the 'examples' folder in the source code. 


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I would like to provide a UI for LLDB as a CodeLite IDE plugin similar to how CodeLite is supporting gdb.

For gdb, I used GDB MI (Machine Interface) which works pretty good (especially when it comes to variable objects) http://sourceware.org/gdb/onlinedocs/gdb/GDB_002fMI.html

Is there anything equivalent with lldb?
What are your recommendations when it comes to write a UI around lldb? should I simply execute the lldb executable from within CodeLite and communicate using stdin/stdout?
Is there a library I can link against? (if so, where is the tutorial?)


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