[lldb-dev] lldb GUI interface

Eran Ifrah eran.ifrah at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 22:28:18 PDT 2013


I would like to provide a UI for LLDB as a CodeLite IDE plugin similar to
how CodeLite is supporting gdb.

For gdb, I used GDB MI (Machine Interface) which works pretty good
(especially when it comes to variable objects)

Is there anything equivalent with lldb?
What are your recommendations when it comes to write a UI around lldb?
should I simply execute the lldb executable from within CodeLite and
communicate using stdin/stdout?
Is there a library I can link against? (if so, where is the tutorial?)


Eran Ifrah
Author of codelite, a cross platform open source C/C++ IDE:
wxCrafter, a wxWidgets RAD: http://wxcrafter.codelite.org
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