[lldb-dev] multiple DW_TAG_compile_unit in 1 ir file

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Mon Oct 22 01:43:40 PDT 2012

LLVM's debug info generator is perfect happy with multiple 
DW_TAG_compile_unit's in 1 IR file.

Even after compiling to .o, the object file contains two of them, 
however when linking with ld (osx) and then loading with LLDB there's 
only one eSymbolTypeObjectFile in the file (Which make sense) and an 
eSymbolTypeSourceFile "source" before that so during debugging, it only 
accepts the first source file for breakpoints. Is there a way to change 
how I emit it in LLVM or fix in LLDB to get this to work properly?

My IR (compiled as x86_64):

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