[lldb-dev] Problem with large sym files

Somorjai, Akos ASomorjai at graphisoft.com
Wed Sep 28 11:56:30 PDT 2011

Thanks, Greg, partly.

dsymutil's speed is still a problem for everyday's work (the
modify-build-debug cycle takes 10 minutes. And gdb bails out when trying
to debug an executable compiled with -flimit-debug-info. This last one is
again a real catch-22, because:

- if I compile the debug and release builds with -flimit-debug-info and
llvm, then the only way to debug it is with lldb. If this proves to be
unbearably slow, then I'd have to switch back to gdb, which can't read the
symbol info :(
- if I compile without limiting the debug info size using llvm, then I
won't be able to use dsymutil on the executable (which is a problem for
release builds), but then I can debug with gdb (which is sort of OK for
the debug, but not for release builds)

The whole point of moving to llvm and lldb would be to increase
productivity, but at the moment I don't see the light at the end of the
Let me experiment a little more with the compiler options and the
debuggers; I'll send you the results this week.

Thanks for the great support,


On 9/28/11 7:38 PM, "Greg Clayton" <gclayton at apple.com> wrote:

>Much better. Nothing we need to look into then, dsymutil was just
>erroring out due to the limitations of the mach file format only being
>able to handle 4GB of data. I can conjure up a test case here that blows
>out the 4GB limit.
>Everything good on your end now?

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