[lldb-dev] llvm.zip and lldb outside linux.

kirk.beitz at nokia.com kirk.beitz at nokia.com
Tue Jan 25 15:04:55 PST 2011

i see from svn that llvm.zip is semi-regularly contributed when updates are made to the archives that it contains which are necessary for building lldb .

i presume that in order to create llvm.zip for this purpose, it's pretty much necessary to properly build all of llvm.  by which i mean if i checked out all or the appropriate parts of llvm, i'd find a makefile that creates the llvm.zip .  is that correct?

is there a process in place for this?

i had been of the understanding that some work is being done on building lldb for linux … which would imply that something similar has to be done with linux-specific archives and tools … given that the committed llvm.zip contains mac "fat" archives, and that the extraction scripts use the mac/darwin tool 'lipo' to extract the archives for use in building lldb.

any information/help on any work already done on this front would be greatly appreciated.

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