[lldb-dev] linux question....

John Bytheway jbytheway at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 12:20:23 PDT 2010

On 10/06/10 18:47, Caroline Tice wrote:
> I'm trying to rewrite the build scripts to be OS-agnostic (or at least
> to work ok on Linux).  I am pretty sure
> a Linux-built lldb will not be a "framework", and I now have no idea
> where I should put the associated .py
> and .so files for lldb.  I would appreciate suggestions/help from
> someone more familiar with how this kind
> of stuff should work on Linux.

Well, the best way if you can manage it is to ask Python to install it
for you; no one will know better where it belongs.

That said, I have a project to hand which installs some Python bindings;
here follow some bits of its makefile from which you should be able to
infer what it does.  Disclaimer: This project is not widely distributed
or tested, and I've tweaked the rules slightly to make them easier to
understand, so no guarantee it really does the right thing.  Also, I
suspect it would be polite to install things in a subdirectory of
site-packages, rather than dumping them at the top level like this.

PYLIBDIR := $(PREFIX)/lib/python$(PYTHON_VERSION)/site-packages

install: $(LIBRARIES)
  install -d $(PYLIBDIR)
  install $(PY_FILES) $(PYLIBDIR)
  libtool --mode=install --tag=disable-static \
    install -m644  $(LIBRARIES) $(PYLIBDIR)

There are of course lots of other projects in the same boat; you might
well be able to find a more appropriate one to mimic.

John Bytheway

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