[lldb-dev] linux question....

Caroline Tice ctice at apple.com
Thu Jun 10 10:47:57 PDT 2010

When built for Mac OS X,  lldb builds as a "framework" which means it has a directory tree in which
various necessary additional resources can be put.    In order to get the embedded Python scripting
stuff working, we have been putting the .py and .so files that in needs into a Resources subdirectory of
the lldb.framework.

I'm trying to rewrite the build scripts to be OS-agnostic (or at least to work ok on Linux).  I am pretty sure
a Linux-built lldb will not be a "framework", and I now have no idea where I should put the associated .py
and .so files for lldb.  I would appreciate suggestions/help from someone more familiar with how this kind
of stuff should work on Linux.

-- Caroline Tice
ctice at apple.com
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