[lldb-dev] Compiling LLDB on Linux, certain types don't exist at all?

austin seipp as at hacks.yi.org
Tue Dec 14 13:14:23 PST 2010


Thank you for the follow-up, I figured I was not the only person
interested in this. re: the build issue, I assume the Makefiles on
linux just blindly compile all *.cpp files in the current directory,
whereas xcode project configurations will explicitly enumerate the
files that need to be built, so unused files are not a problem. I
assume nobody has used the makefiles for quite some time, so they've
fallen out of date (indeed, the commit logs say they have not been
touched for a while.)

Hopefully your changes can get merged soon. If you publish your git
repository before then (or after, if you plan on continuing working on
linux support,) please be sure to follow up with a URL so we could
collaborate in the future if you don't mind. I'd like to see LLDB on
Linux as I have gradually been moving all my personal code and
machines to Clang, and I do most of my development on Linux, not on OS
X. Once your changes are merged, more interesting things can be worked
on (and hopefully kept in sync with the tree.)

> If you use master to track the svn repo I would recommend that you do
> not rebase your "linux" branch -- just update master using 'git svn
> rebase' which should always be a simple fast-forward and pull those
> changes into the "linux" branch using a merge commit.  That way you have
> a proper history that others using git can pull from while staying up to
> date.  Of course, you would need to manage any merge-conflicts, etc.

This sounds like a much better idea and I can't believe I hadn't
thought of it, thanks.


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