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  This patch adds a new "target.auto-deduce-source-map" setting.
  If enabled, this setting may auto deduce a source map entry based on requested
  breakpoint path and the original path stored in debug info for resolved
  As an example, if debug info contains "./a/b/c/main.cpp", user sets a source
  breakpoint at "/root/repo/x/y/z/a/b/c/main.cpp". The breakpoint will resolve
  correctly now with Greg's patch https://reviews.llvm.org/D130401. However, the
  resolved breakpoint will use "./a/b/c/main.cpp" to locate source file during
  stop event which would fail most of the time.
  With the new "target.auto-deduce-source-map" setting enabled, a auto deduced
  source map entry "." => "/root/repo/x/y/z" will be added. This new mapping will
  help lldb to map resolved breakpoint path "./a/b/c/main.cpp" back to
  "/root/repo/x/y/z/a/b/c/main.cpp" and locate it on disk.
  If an existing source map entry is used the patch also concatenates the auto
  deduced entry with any stripped reverse mapping prefix (see example below).
  As a second example, debug info contains "./a/b/c/main.cpp" and user sets
  breakpoint at "/root/repo/x/y/z/a/b/c/main.cpp". Let's say there is an existing
  source map entry "." => "/root/repo"; this mapping would strip the prefix out of
  "/root/repo/x/y/z/a/b/c/main.cpp" and use "x/y/z/a/b/c/main.cpp" to resolve
  breakpoint. "target.auto-deduce-source-map" setting would auto deduce a new
  potential mapping of "." => "x/y/z", then it detects that there is a stripped
  prefix from reverse mapping and concatenates it as the new mapping:
   "." => "/root/repo/x/y/z" which would correct map "./a/b/c/main.cpp" path to
  new path in disk.
  This patches depends on https://reviews.llvm.org/D130401 to use new added
  SBTarget::GetSourceMap() API for testing.
  Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D133042

  rG LLVM Github Monorepo



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