[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D124370: [lldb] Fix PR54761

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Mon Apr 25 10:27:22 PDT 2022

clayborg added a comment.

So I believe the reason we need to be able to add methods to a class is for templates. Templates in DWARF are really poorly emitted all in the name of saving space. There is no full definition of template classes that get emitted, just a class definition with _only_ the methods that the user used in the current compile unit. DWARF doesn't really support emitting a templatized definition of a class in terms of a type T, it will always emit instantiations of the type T directly. So in LLDB we must create a template class like "std::vector<int>" and say it has no member functions, and then add each member function as a type specific specialization due to how the types must be created in the clang::ASTContext.

in one DWARF compile unit you end up having say "std::vector<int>::clear()" and in another you would have "std::vector<int>::erase()". In order to make the most complete definition of template types we need to find all "std::vector<int>" definitions and manually add any method that we haven't already seen, otherwise we end up not being able to call methods that might exist. Of course calling template functions is already fraught with danger since most are inlined if they come from the STL, but if the user asks for the class definition for "std::vector<int>", we should show all that we can. Can you make sure this patch doesn't hurt that functionality? We must have a test for it.

So we can't just say we will accept just one class definition if we have template types. Given this information, let me know what you think of your current patch

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