[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D119046: Add a repeat command option for "thread backtrace --count N".

Jim Ingham via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Feb 7 16:03:37 PST 2022

jingham added inline comments.

Comment at: lldb/test/API/commands/thread/backtrace/TestThreadBacktraceRepeat.py:18-28
+    # Test occasionally times out on the Linux build bot
+    @skipIfLinux
+    @expectedFailureAll(
+        oslist=["linux"],
+        bugnumber="llvm.org/pr23477 Test occasionally times out on the Linux build bot")
+    @expectedFailureAll(
+        oslist=["freebsd"],
JDevlieghere wrote:
> I assume you copied this from an existing tests. Can we make the test simpler (by not having two threads) and therefore not having to skip it in so many configurations?
No.  One of the things I want to test is that the repeat command sticks to backtracking the thread that you started on, which I can only test with more than one thread.  I also need to test that when you list TWO threads, the repeat command continues listing both threads, rather than arbitrarily picking one.  Again for that purpose I need two threads.  I could make two tests one with one thread and one with two, but that seems a bit silly.

BTW, the test I copied this from tries to do some "step out's" after stopping where this test stops.  I don't know (yet) whether the expected failures are in the initial rendezvous or in the stepping.  I'll only be able to figure that out once the test is running on those systems...  For instance, I bet this won't fail on FreeBSD because I don't run the process to exit, I just kill it at the breakpoint.  

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