[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D109263: [lldb] Update crashlog.py to accept multiple results from mdfind

Jonas Devlieghere via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Sep 3 16:27:50 PDT 2021

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mdfind can return multiple results, some of which are not even dSYM
bundles, but Xcode archives (`.xcrachive).

Currently, we end up concatenating the paths, which is obviously bogus.
This patch not only fixes that, but now also skips paths that don't have
a Contents/Resources/DWARF subdirectory.




Index: lldb/examples/python/crashlog.py
--- lldb/examples/python/crashlog.py
+++ lldb/examples/python/crashlog.py
@@ -293,18 +293,24 @@
                     return False
             if not self.resolved_path and not os.path.exists(self.path):
-                    dsym = subprocess.check_output(
+                    mdfind_results = subprocess.check_output(
-                         "com_apple_xcode_dsym_uuids == %s"%uuid_str]).decode("utf-8")[:-1]
-                    if dsym and os.path.exists(dsym):
-                        print(('falling back to binary inside "%s"'%dsym))
-                        self.symfile = dsym
+                         "com_apple_xcode_dsym_uuids == %s" % uuid_str]).decode("utf-8").splitlines()
+                    found_matching_slice = False
+                    for dsym in mdfind_results:
                         dwarf_dir = os.path.join(dsym, 'Contents/Resources/DWARF')
+                        if not os.path.exists(dwarf_dir):
+                            # Not a dSYM bundle, probably an Xcode archive.
+                            continue
+                        print('falling back to binary inside "%s"' % dsym)
+                        self.symfile = dsym
                         for filename in os.listdir(dwarf_dir):
-                            self.path = os.path.join(dwarf_dir, filename)
-                            if not self.find_matching_slice():
-                                return False
-                            break
+                           self.path = os.path.join(dwarf_dir, filename)
+                           if self.find_matching_slice():
+                              found_matching_slice = True
+                              break
+                        if found_matching_slice:
+                           break
             if (self.resolved_path and os.path.exists(self.resolved_path)) or (

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