[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D107625: Add a stack-memory-only style for Darwin process save-core

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After adding the "dirty memory only" coredump style, I've been wondering how small a corefile I could get by only saving stack memory.  I took a little time today to find out.  A normal macOS corefile is a couple of GB, a dirty-memory corefile is around 440kb for a test binary.  A stack memory corefile is about 20kb for that test binary.

I added a new "type" key-value pair to the qMemoryRegionInfo packet, and add "stack" to stack memory regions.  David added a "flags" k-v pair for MTE but that has a specially formatted string of MTE flags in it (space separated) so I didn't want to mix in with that.  It's straightforward to detect different memory types on Darwin systems, but I haven't thought of anything useful I could do by writing out heap dirty memory only or something.  Maybe someone will think of some interesting way to use the memory region types.

In the test case, I create a stack-memory-only corefile, then read it back into lldb and fetch some stack & heap objects.  SBValue has the unfortunate behavior (IMO) that it doesn't surface memory read errors in any way - so you can ask for a summary or a value of an SBValue object that couldn't read anything, and it will return 0/empty-string.  We need to surface memory read errors better in lldb in these cases, this is just one of the issues with that.

I'm not sure a stack-memory-only corefile is especially useful for real C++/ObjC/Swift programs where many objects live on the heap.  One thing I've thought about is trying to get a very tiny corefile showing interesting unwind states for writing tests against.

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