[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D105741: [trace] Introduce Hierarchical Trace Representation (HTR) and add `thread trace export ctf` command for Intel PT trace visualization

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Tue Aug 3 15:21:15 PDT 2021

jj10306 added a comment.

In D105741#2920588 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D105741#2920588>, @vsk wrote:

> Hey @jj10306, thanks for working on this.
> @wallace @clayborg -- It seems like there are a ton of logic changes introduced in this patch that are tested at too coarse a level. I'm not confident in the changes being made here. For example, there's a bunch of subtle work being done in `BasicSuperBlockMerge`, but only ~one opaque high-level check that attempts to validate any of the logic: `self.assertTrue(num_units_by_layer[1] == 383)`. Where does 383 come from? How do we know that that's the right result? If there's a bug in `BasicSuperBlockMerge`, would the regression test just look like changing the magic 383 number?
> I'm not really comfortable with this being checked in, and would suggest a revert until some more granular unit tests can be added to the patch. (Also paging @JDevlieghere in case he has thoughts on the testing.)

Apologies for this - will submit a patch with more comprehensive tests and other minor fixes this week!

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