[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D71151: [lldb][test] Remove symlink for API tests.

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Tue Dec 10 14:50:39 PST 2019

rupprecht added a comment.

In D71151#1774586 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D71151#1774586>, @labath wrote:

> While I'm not opposed to moving "lldbsuite" to some place closer to the tests, one thing I'd like to get out of this is to have the actual tests stand out more prominently.

Ditto; my direct goal is just to be able to run something more fine grained than `ninja check-lldb-api`, but splitting tests & test framework is a nice side benefit. (Actually it might be simpler if I didn't split it, but now I've already done the work).

> For that reason, I wouldn't want to just take the "lldbsuite" folder and "drop" it into `test/API`. In fact, ideally I'd like to get rid of the redundant nested `test` subfolder, and put the tests directly into `test/API`.

SGTM. I can adjust that paths so there is no shim "test" directory. Will await resolution of the specific paths as chosen below:

> However, like I said in the other review, if lua is going to become a thing, we should evaluate how will this layout work with additional scripting languages: I see several options here:
> - make a subfolder for each language (`test/API/{Python,Lua}`)
> - ditch the "API" part and put these at the top level (`test/{Python,Lua}`)
> - keep Python in "API", but put lua in Lua (`test/{API,Lua}`) -- besides backward compat, this would kind of signal that "python" is our preferred vessel for writing tests
> - ???

Any of these options are fine with me. Actually, they seem most logical in the order you've listed -- the last one seems kind of weird that "API" implicitly means python, and there are other non-python API tests elsewhere.

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