[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D67390: [LLDB][ELF] Load both, .symtab and .dynsym sections

Konrad Wilhelm Kleine via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Sep 30 06:18:14 PDT 2019

kwk added a comment.

@labath I did prepare some YAML file but apparently `yaml2obj` isn't meant to deal with this properly. Instead I get an Error like this: `yaml2obj: error: repeated symbol name: 'main'`. It looks like symbols from the `Symbols:` part of the YAML file are just added by name to a map. Changing `yaml2obj` for this seems a bit too heavy right now. If you're okay I'll go with a few more c programs if I can pull them off.

Here's the part hat causes the error:

  template <class ELFT> void ELFState<ELFT>::buildSymbolIndexes() {
    auto Build = [this](ArrayRef<ELFYAML::Symbol> V, NameToIdxMap &Map) {
      for (size_t I = 0, S = V.size(); I < S; ++I) {
        const ELFYAML::Symbol &Sym = V[I];
        if (!Sym.Name.empty() && !Map.addName(Sym.Name, I + 1))
          reportError("repeated symbol name: '" + Sym.Name + "'");
    Build(Doc.Symbols, SymN2I);
    Build(Doc.DynamicSymbols, DynSymN2I);

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