[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D68134: [LLDB] Use the llvm microsoft demangler instead of the windows dbghelp api

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Mon Sep 30 05:47:57 PDT 2019

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In D68134#1687518 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D68134#1687518>, @mstorsjo wrote:

> In D68134#1687500 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D68134#1687500>, @labath wrote:
> > I'm not sure what failed here exactly, but there are some places in lldb that parse the demangled names. These might get confused by additional things appearing in the name. Though it's possible to also fix that, so the main question might be: what is the name we want to display to the users? I guess it would be the best if this matched what is displayed by other tools ?
> In this case, the output becomes the same as what has been chosen to be used by the common llvm demangler, which probably should be a good choice in general.

That makes sense to me, but I am not really a windows person. Maybe wait a while to see if any of the real "windows people" have any thoughts.

>> As for tests, you should at least be able to run the tests in the regular "host" setup, right ?
> In principle, but I normally don't run windows except in a very underpowered VM for testing things, and building there is no fun. I can spin up some more powerful VMs for some better testing though.
> In this case, much of the functionality of these tests require having the MS DIA SDK available (which also implies building in MSVC/clang-cl mode, not mingw mode), for reading PDB files. Probably just another step to do, but I don't have it set up right now.

So, you're developing windows arm64 support, without even a real windows x86 around? That's brave. :)



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