[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D64251: Don't depend on psutil on AIX

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Fri Jul 5 13:34:25 PDT 2019

delcypher added a comment.

@daltenty The "This removes our dependency on psutil."  text sounds broader than it actually is. Looking at the implementation the removal of the dependency is only for AIX. All other platforms still depends on the `psutil` module. I think the commit message should be made clearer on this point.

Comment at: llvm/utils/lit/tests/lit.cfg:62
-    lit_config.note('Found python psutil module')
-    config.available_features.add("python-psutil")
 except ImportError:
hubert.reinterpretcast wrote:
> Removing `python-psutil` as a feature entirely may be a bit aggressive. It has the potential of quietly disabling "out-of-tree" tests. I'm not sure that a Phabricator patch about AIX has the right level of visibility for making such a change. Can you send an RFC about the cleanup to the mailing list?
The `python-psutil` "feature" is only available in lit's testsuite AFAIK.  Hopefully that means that removing it shouldn't effect the testsuites of other projects apart from lit itself. However, giving the mailing list a heads up about this seems like a nice courtesy .

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