[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D38568: [lldb] Enable using out-of-tree dwps

Greg Clayton via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 9 08:29:03 PDT 2017

clayborg added inline comments.

Comment at: source/Host/common/Symbols.cpp:288-294
+              // FIXME: at the moment llvm-dwp doesn't output build ids,
+              // nor does binutils dwp. Thus in the case of DWPs
+              // we skip uuids check. This needs to be fixed
+              // to avoid consistency issues as soon as
+              // llvm-dwp and binutils dwp gain support for build ids.
+              if (file_spec.GetFileNameExtension().GetStringRef() == "dwp" ||
+                  mspec.GetUUID() == module_uuid)
tberghammer wrote:
> What do you think about adding a new argument to Symbols::LocateExecutableSymbolFile (with a potential default value) to specify if we want to check the UUID and then move this logic to the place where we are looking for the dwp file? I think that would make dwp specific logic more concise in one place.
An easier fix is to clear the UUID field from in "module_spec" _before_ you call this function. The module spec can be filled in as much as is needed, so either clear the UUID in module_spec if it is set, or just don't set it. This function should ignore the UUID comparison if the UUID field is not valid in module_spec, so if it isn't doing this, then it should



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