[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D12899: cmake fixups: post-build python step dependency and lldb-server dependency for lldb on Linux

Todd Fiala via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 16 07:38:27 PDT 2015

tfiala added a comment.

> (These have already diverged as you are only doing this for Linux, but lldb-server is built on FreeBSD as well.)

Hi Bruce,

My primary goal was to make sure 'ninja lldb' builds the parts that are necessary for lldb to run and be tested.  Linux cannot debug a local executable without lldb-server, so it is essentially a core part of it.

I can see doing it on OS X since the real build process for OS X will not use cmake, and thus it is not increasing build time for typical users there.  And we can use it in the tests if it is built.

I am looking for Ed's input on the FreeBSD side.

> Instead of checking CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME in multiple places for deciding whether or not we care about lldb-server, could we just set LLDB_BUILD_LLDB_SERVER or something once in the cmake/module/LLDBConfig.cmake file and then check that here and in tools/CMakeLists.txt?

I suppose.  It could allow more sophisticated checks (e.g. if Ed wanted to come in and flip it on for FreeBSD) without clouding the dependency addition.  If we're going to turn it on in multiple cases, I can see that being a win.

Okay I'll make an adjustment to turn it on for Darwin and setting it based on a flag.


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