[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Move argument globbing to Target::Launch from Platform::LaunchProcess.

Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Thu Feb 19 17:43:54 PST 2015

> That which will be part of testing the platform-specific bits of your platform
>  There's inherent value in having as few platform specific bits as possible.  When the same rules apply to every platform, 
> a) everyone gets better test coverage
> b) everyone gets to benefit from everyone else's changes and bugfixes
> c) as a user, it makes it easier and more comfortable to switch platforms since you don't have to do a mental switch.
> d) It makes the code easier to maintain

With the detriment that glowing might not behave like the shell does on your system. It would be nice to also support other shells (tcsh, zsh, ksh, etc) so that things would expand as the user expects them to.

I like the fact that we can expand things just like your shell does and we don't impose limitations by doing our own thing. So in order to not lose functionality, I propose we stick with doing shell expansions for now, and possibly add a non-shell based globber/expander in the future and somehow be able to select the internal globber if desired.

With variable expansion, backticks running other shell processes, and more, default environment variables that come with the shell itself running on the current system, I would not want to tackle all of this at this point.


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