[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Corrections for docs/lldb-gdb-remote.txt

Matthew Gardiner mg11 at csr.com
Wed Jun 11 22:10:56 PDT 2014

Todd Fiala wrote:
> Hey Matthew,
> > 1. I've changed the base of cputype and cpusubtype to reflect the 
> fact that the code assumes base-16, and furthermore to be consistent 
> with qProcessInfo.
> I'm looking at the debugserver code (RNBRemote.cpp) and 
> lldb-platform/llgs code (GDBRemoteCommunicationServer.cpp) that 
> produce those values.  The cputype and cpusubtype all are being 
> written decimal as far as a I read it.  What context are you seeing 
> hexadecimal?
> Thanks!
> -Todd

Hi Todd,

I'm seeing the context as being assumed as hex in the parsing of the 
*inbound* qHostInfo in lldb.

Check out: GDBRemoteCommunicationClient::GetHostInfo in 

see this code:

if (name.compare("cputype") == 0)
    // exception type in big endian hex
    cpu = Args::StringToUInt32 (value.c_str(), LLDB_INVALID_CPUTYPE, 0);
else if (name.compare("cpusubtype") == 0)
  // exception count in big endian hex
   sub = Args::StringToUInt32 (value.c_str(), 0, 0);

the third argument to StringToUInt32  is 0, which is passed to strtoul, 
which is interpreted as base-16. Thus the parsing side in lldb assumes 
these are base-16.

A side issue is that the documentation to qProcessInfo in 
lldb-gdb-remote.txt which says base-16 for these same datas.

So we have inconsistency in the docs between qProcessInfo and qHostInfo, 
and a bug between the sender and receiver of qHostInfo.


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