[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Make methods of exported API classes that access internal types private.

Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Wed May 28 09:55:28 PDT 2014

Looks good.

> On May 27, 2014, at 5:46 PM, Zachary Turner <zturner at google.com> wrote:
> Hi tfiala,
> As part of the contract of a dll-exported C++ interface, classes that are not exported should not be accessible via a public interface of an exported class, and doing so generates warnings on MSVC.  These warnings can be safely suprressed as long as all non-exported classes are part of the exported class's private interface, so this change moves all such methods to the private interface, friending where necessary, and finally suppresses the warnings on MSVC.
> http://reviews.llvm.org/D3934
> Files:
>  CMakeLists.txt
>  include/lldb/API/SBDebugger.h
>  include/lldb/API/SBFrame.h
>  include/lldb/API/SBProcess.h
>  include/lldb/API/SBQueueItem.h
>  include/lldb/API/SBTarget.h
>  include/lldb/API/SBThread.h
>  include/lldb/API/SBValue.h
>  include/lldb/API/SBWatchpoint.h
>  source/API/SBDebugger.cpp
> <D3934.9856.patch>_______________________________________________
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