[Lldb-commits] READ THIS: Missing email, email delivery, and bounces on the mailing list

Chandler Carruth chandlerc at google.com
Thu May 15 17:17:28 PDT 2014

TL;DR: We think we have fixed the problems with bounces and email delivery
being disabled. If you see a notice of your address being disabled due to
bounces, please contact llvm-admin at cs.uiuc.edu and let us know. You may
have missed some emails. We're very sorry, but there is nothing we can do.
The archives should be complete though.


We know that there has been chaos on the lists as people stop having email
delivered to them due to bounces. This has effected *every gmail user* as
well as gmx, and many university email servers. This is what I believe has

- Mid April Yahoo turned on a DMARC policy of "reject"[1]
  - Some other email providers may have as well, we just know about Yahoo.
- Users with an @yahoo.com email address send mail to an LLVM project list
- The mailing list server sends this email to all recipients
- Because of how DMARC verification proceeds, the emails fail verification
when coming from the mailing list server
- Conforming mailers respect the DMARC policy and bounce the email *back to
the mailing list*
- The mailing list is configured to disable email delivery after a
sufficient number of bounce emails
- All the *recipients* of the emails whose mailers respect DMARC end up
with delivery disabled, even though they didn't send any of the email!!!!
- Chaos. Fire. Burning. Sorry.

Ok, what are we doing?

1) I have disabled bounce processing on this list to prevent immediate and
ongoing problems. This is temporary workaround, but it should be effective.
2) Tanya and I have reset everyone's email delivery which was disabled due
to bounces.
3) John Criswell and folks at UIUC are going to work very hard to upgrade
the mailman running the lists.
4) I'm going to work with John to ensure we use the new settings in mailman
which make mailing list emails verify cleanly under DMARC.

What does this mean for you?

- You may have missed emails to the list. Check the archives as needed,
they should have all the emails.
- If you use Yahoo for mail, *please don't use that account to send email
to the LLVM lists* until #4 above is complete. Every email will cause a
flood of thousands of bounces to hit the list server.
- Be aware that #4 above will change how the emails look on the list. Here
is a summary of what will happen:
  - Your emails to the list will have a "From:" which has been rewritten to
be from the mailing list.
  - Your original "From:" address will be merged into "Reply-To:" if
possible to try and keep you CC'ed on the emails.

Very sorry for the trouble. I'll try to reply to any questions you have.
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