[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D126915: [libc++abi][AIX][NFC] Use _LIBCXXABI_FUNC_VIS for exported routines

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Sun Jun 5 12:17:05 PDT 2022

xingxue added a comment.

In D126915#3559129 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D126915#3559129>, @MaskRay wrote:

> I see that https://discourse.llvm.org/t/rfc-adding-exported-visibility-style-to-the-ir-to-model-xcoff-exported-visibility/61853 says if no visibility bit (I assume `n_type & SYM_V_MASK` == 0) is set, the symbols need an export list.
> I don't see how you use an export list for the libc++abi code, perhaps you maintain a down stream patch.

Thanks for your comments! Yes, export lists are currently used on AIX for `libc++abi` as well as other libraries downstream in the absence of attribute `visibility`.

>> [NFC]
> I assume that getting `#define _LIBCXXABI_FUNC_VIS __attribute__((__visibility__("default")))` will have side effects, so `[NFC]` is inappropriate.

I agree it is not `[NFC]` from the perspective of upstream, although `_LIBCXXABI_FUNC_VIS` has the same effect as the export list that has been used downstream.

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