[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D98771: [libcxx][Arm] Move buildbot flags into cmake files

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Thu Mar 18 11:44:36 PDT 2021

Mordante added a comment.

In D98771#2634056 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D98771#2634056>, @DavidSpickett wrote:

>> The Apple builds will only build after the build before finish, this is done due to the fact the Apple build nodes are quite slow
> And (I assume) because there's some finite number of them. If you wanted a faster pipeline and had infinite (but slow) agents you would put the Apple agents in the first part.

There's one Apple agent in the first part. If that fails the other Apples aren't build. Apple is a bottleneck when a lot of builds are scheduled.

> (for the moment my logic is as long as they're as fast or faster than the Apple builders then we're not slowing down the pipeline by being in the second set)

Yeah, I just wondered whether this was a conscious decision or not. Louis also thinks the current way is good so let's keep it that way.

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