[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D98179: [lit] Sort test start times based on prior test timing data

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Wed Mar 10 01:15:31 PST 2021

jhenderson added a comment.

In D98179#2615130 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D98179#2615130>, @yln wrote:

> can we model "test failed" explicitly instead of making their execution time really large?

I am strongly in favour of this, if it can be done. My team have wanted an option to rerun just failing tests, so being able to distinguish between those tests that failed and those that passed in the previous run would basically solve this (after a new option has been added to lit). When I say "failed" here, I actually mean XPASSes and failures that weren't XFAILs (plus UNRESOLVED etc). Running a subset of the lit testsuite would augment these results, rather than trash them (i.e. tests outside the subset would still be considered as failing until such time as they get run and then pass). I'm not asking for this retry mechanism to be implemented as part of that, but if this change can be made to work such that the retry feature is able to easily build on top of that, that would be great.

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