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This is just a shorter synonym for `__identity<T>::type`.
Use it consistently throughout, where possible.

There is still some metaprogramming in <memory> and <variant>
where `__identity` is being used _without_ immediately calling
`::type` on it; but this is the unusual case, and it will become
even less usual as we start deliberately protecting certain types
against deduction (e.g. D97742 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D97742>).

(Btw, I've really looked at the instances in <memory> and I think they cannot trivially be adjusted to use `__identity_t`; it's using `__dependent_type<__identity<T>, Dummy>::type` and thus relying on the fact that `__identity<T>` is non-final even when `T` is final. I have not //really// looked at the instances in <variant>; I think it's using `__identity<T>` as an empty tag type for dispatch, similar to `in_place_type_t<T>`, but I'm not technically 100% sure.)

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