[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D76093: Don't expose unavailable cstdio functions.

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Thu Mar 12 12:29:02 PDT 2020

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These aren't available on Android in all configurations.

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Index: libcxx/include/cstdio
--- libcxx/include/cstdio
+++ libcxx/include/cstdio
@@ -131,9 +131,13 @@
 using ::ungetc;
 using ::fread;
 using ::fwrite;
 using ::fgetpos;
 using ::fseek;
 using ::fsetpos;
 using ::ftell;
 using ::rewind;
 using ::clearerr;
Index: libcxx/include/__config
--- libcxx/include/__config
+++ libcxx/include/__config
@@ -1544,6 +1544,15 @@
 #define _LIBCPP_BUILTIN_CONSTANT_P(x) false
+// Support for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 landed gradually in Android, so the full set
+// of functions used in cstdio may not be available for low API levels when
+// using 64-bit file offsets on LP32.
+#if !defined(__ANDROID__) || !defined(__USE_FILE_OFFSET64) ||                  \
+    (__ANDROID_API__ >= 24)
 #endif // __cplusplus
 #endif // _LIBCPP_CONFIG

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