[Libclc-dev] Integration Question

Pete Couperus pjcoup at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 06:33:22 PDT 2011


Thanks for taking on the libclc project, it is nice to start seeing more
source OpenCL pieces appear.  I would be interested in contributing.
Forgive me, I haven't followed all of the discussions to this point.

I have a couple of questions (based on what I see available now/project
description) on how you would see libclc used by other OpenCL components.

In the OpenCL runtime (not part of your project, but a project which would
the consumer of your project), when someone calls clCreateKernel, what
artifacts from libclc would they be using?  Meaning, inlined headers?
Already compiled .bc files for that platform to link against?  A
shared/static lib for that platform to load/link into the runtime? Something

I've thought a bit/dabbled in writing something similar to libclc, and my
approach was compiling a (platform specific) .bc file which was loaded by
the runtime to link kernels against, and then the linked kernels were JIT-ed
by the runtime.  In some sense, this is close to what Clover does, except
the builtins are loaded/linked to the kernels at run time, rather than
linked into the runtime and made available through symbol look-up.  (One
thing that I'm not sure Denis has done is symbol lookup for the overloaded
functions...which involves looking up the name-mangled symbol, IIUC).

I'm interested in the approach you plan taking, and pitching in!

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