[flang-dev] [PATCH] D100897: [flang] Make 'team_number()' an intrinsic function

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Wed Oct 13 14:49:15 PDT 2021

  > clementval added a comment.
  > Looks like buildbots are failing with this revision. Can you have a look or revert?

I saw this problem and fixed it later that day with: [flang] 18e6328 - [flang] Remove incorrect unit test

I should probably point out that I had run check-flang before pushing the changes and noticed that flang-OldUnit was failing.  However I was confused (not unusual) because it is called OldUnit after all and I always get the accompanying failure, see below (so I ignored the failing test I actually caused):
FAIL: flang-OldUnit :: Evaluate/folding.test (786 of 931)
******************** TEST 'flang-OldUnit :: Evaluate/folding.test' FAILED ********************
/Users/rasmussen17/Compilers/llvm-project/flang/unittests/Evaluate/folding.cpp:64: FAIL: y1Flushing.IsInfinite() || std::abs(host::CastFortranToHost<R4>(y1Flushing) + 88.) > 2
73 tests pass, 1 test FAILS

I looked briefly at the failure at folding.cpp:64 and wonder if it only occurs on macs and must not be caught by the buildbot army.  I’ll take a look at it further down the line.


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Subject: [PATCH] D100897: [flang] Make 'team_number()' an intrinsic function
clementval added a comment.

Looks like buildbots are failing with this revision. Can you have a look or revert?

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