[flang-dev] [cfe-dev] Update on Bugzilla migration

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Sat Nov 13 07:34:16 PST 2021


> Do we  feel there could be value in sharing access to this temporary
> GitHub project with a wider audience so we can see how the issues would
> look? This might raise interest and excitement but also might help to
> ensure we don't land something that people find hard to work with.
Unfortunately, this is not possible due to GitHub limitations. Before the
real migration the result could only be visible to organization / repo
owners. However, I believe I can provide a few screenshots that showcase
the current results. See attached. Note that "llvmbot" account is used as a
placeholder for the content generated by anyone who did not provide us
bugzilla username => github id mapping.

For example, I'm only interested in a very specific subset of the "bugs"
> (clang-format), how easy will that be for me to see just those. Are
> separate areas just labels? can we filter down to see just the areas we
> want?
This was agreed when we discussed the migration roadmap almost 2 years ago:
we use the existing bugzilla products / components and map them to GitHub
labels. Unfortunately, this is quite a manual process as we cannot simply
"flatten" the Product + Component into github labels as we need to clean /
combine and transform the labels. Thanks to Tom now we have the set of 130+
rules how the products / components got mapped to GH labels.

For me I'd like people to specifically log bugs against "clang-format" and
> not  the old "Formatter" that it was in bugzilla so I'm interested to
> understand how in the future it might look and if there is any opportunity
> to "clean" the data as we migrate.
There are 587 open and 637 closed bugs under "clang-format" label. I cannot
fully use filters on the repo that failed the migration (it seems that the
search index is not built / attached in such case), so I cannot filter
these issues further on based on the content :(

For example do we plan on taking "[clang-format] [clang-tidy] type labels
> from the subject lines and convert them into labels or projects?"
No. This was not planned as the format is not stable.

Hope this helps.
With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
Department of Statistical Modelling, Saint Petersburg State University
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