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> Thank you for all the work to make this happen!
> I apologize if I missed this somewhere, but what's the solution for
> subscribing to issues created with specific tags? I found
> https://github.com/marketplace/actions/issue-label-notifier through
> searching, but that seems to be something that needs to be set up for the
> repo and not something I set up on my own end.

Same question: my mailbox is exploding right now, how do we manage

> ´╗┐On 12/11/21, 3:03 PM, "cfe-dev on behalf of Anton Korobeynikov via
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>     Dear Fellow LLVM Developers, Users et al
>     I'm happy to announce that the main part of the LLVM Bugzilla =>
>     GitHub migration is complete. I appreciate your patience on this
>     matter as several unexpected issues happened during the final phase of
>     the migration. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in
>     different steps of this migration and additionally I would like to
>     thank all GitHub engineers without whom this will not be possible.
>     There are still some rough edges and known issues. However we are
>     going to address them post-migration. Feel free to submit your issues
>     to the shiny new LLVM bugtracker at
>     https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/issues
>     Use llvm.org/PR links to seamlessly connect "old" and "new" issues.
>     E.g. https://llvm.org/PR1000  will redirect to the migrated bugzilla
> id
>     1000 and https://llvm.org/PR52603  is a new github-only issue. All
>     issues that are migrated from bugzilla are tagged with "bugzilla"
>     label. All issues related to the post-migration tasks are filed under
>     https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/milestone/1 milestone.
>     --
>     On behalf of LLVM Foundation
>     Anton Korobeynikov,
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